Our spirited team collectively has decades of global cross-market financial experience.  We have lived in 18 countries so far, absorbing and celebrating their diverse cultures along the way.  The Lendrix Platform team speaks English, Luxembourgish, Korean, Mandarin Chinese, German, French and Spanish.  We do what we can to build bridges and tear down walls between peoples.

Dirk Davis
CEO & Director of Sales

Dirk serves clients with his 20+ years financial markets experience gained domestically and overseas at firms including Chase, BZW (Barclays), Bank of America and several start-ups.  His scope of experience includes SME finance, equities, equity derivatives, equity-linked notes, residential RE lending and distressed RE.  Dirk has lived in 14 countries, learning Mandarin Chinese and Spanish during the journey.  He actively leverages this international exposure for the benefit of clients as we become more connected globally.

Carlo Weis

Carlo has managed the equities trading business of a major Belgian banking group in Luxembourg, and ran the group’s multi-asset class market-making operation in Paris, for over 20 years. In 2009 he moved from Europe to Florida, to serve as Lead Consultant to the SME finance vertical. Carlo maintains a constant focus on lender discovery & mapping, and operational process improvement & optimization. He is cool-headed and innovative when troubleshooting the most difficult scenarios. Fluent in English, French, German and Luxembourgish.

Advisory Board

Mike Ro
Tony Ro

Mission Statement

Our mission is to advise, educate and place US SMEs ($1M - $1B annual revenues) into optimized business financing, against a challenging backdrop of highly fragmented, inefficient, barrier-laden and sometimes predatory non-bank lending markets.

Our Code

Constantly pursue a Golden Ratio matrix of leading products, lenders and programs to optimize client choice.

Always balance "Client First" with lender risk mitigation, which requires two-way transparency.

Be humble, find humor and feel compassion in our daily orbit.

Promote transparency, simplify but never dumb-down.

Always obsess over client growth-or-harvest goals.

Use the waterfall submission method.


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