Equipment Financing

Equipment financing is as diverse as the types of equipment that collateralize the transaction.  After SBA loans, which in some cases can be used to acquire equipment, this type of financing offers the next-best cost of money in the collateralized lending realm.

g   Loan size up to $30+ million

g   Collateralized by the relevant equipment

g   Purchase or refinance goal

g   Cash-out sale-leaseback options

g   Term out to 7 years

g   LTV up to 100 for qualifying scenarios

g   Can co-exist comfortably with other forms of financing

g   Conserves cash flow versus buying equipment outright

g   Fixed rate mostly

g   Lenders underwrite off equipment value, credit scores, business performance, longevity

g   Prices below alternative unsecured loans


g   Customizable programs when loan size $1M+

g   Monthly, quarterly, seasonal or cash-flow based payments

g   New and used equipment

g   Bank and non-bank lenders


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