Our central mission is to arrange trade finance and other debt-based financing for legal US hemp sector operators and their ancillary service providers. These include laboratories engaged in processing, extraction and/or formulation, and resellers, wholesalers and distributors.

The legal hemp ecosystem has the disruptive power to reshape human and animal health therapies globally. It also offers planet-friendly regenerative, sustainable, organic farming that amplifies carbon sequestration. Hemp for non-psychoactive cannabinoids and industrial uses, respectively.

Hemp-derived non-psychoactive compounds including CBG, CBN, CBD, CBC, CBL, CBDP, CBGP and other minors, in concert with terpenes, face a long clinical research journey ahead. Societies willing to face the failures of “modern” medicine (addictive opioids for one, although there is a plethora of examples) and adopt complementary plant-based medicine that may not be patentable but nonetheless meets the dual challenges of bioefficacy and cost-effectiveness in underperforming health care systems, will prosper. How else will we fight the accelerating cancers caused by our polluted air, water, and food supply chain? Do we really want to be kept barely alive by a cocktail of synthetic drugs during our sunset years, under legacy predatory pricing schemes that asphyxiate health care systems?
Fortunately, there is a better way, as many in the global medical community have come to realize. We bend knee to the mavericks taking the hemp plant forward into its 50,000+ uses. Lendrix serves you.


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