SBA Loans

Bank-provided SBA-guaranteed loans offer the lowest cost of money per unit time over the long term, but require collateralization against hard assets.  Asset-light but cash flow-rich businesses will instead find traction with our other lending markets and programs.

g   Loan size up to $5 million under 7(a) or $14 million under 504

g   10-25 year term range

g   Programs include 7(a) and 504 loans, traditional, express and CRE (commercial real estate)

g   SBA guarantee mitigates lender risk enabling market-leading pricing

g   Interest rates fixed or floating tied to relevant benchmarks (i.e., US Prime or Libor)

g   Collateralization against hard assets, business and/or personal

g   Documentation-intensive with a 30-90 day funding timeline

g   Business & personal credit scores, cash flow and assets impact eligibility and terms structuring

g   LTVs for commercial real estate SBA loans up to 90 or 100 (special situations)

g   Commercial real estate SBA loan can eliminate refi fire drill risk vis-a-vis other CRE loan types


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